RE: Shutdown of lists on May 30th at 12:01 AM

@ Karl and Eugene,
@ While I personally find this *tremendously* amusing, almost as funny
@ as the Flemmaster trying to spin damage control on nanog, I'm just
@ guessing but I suspect few people on are particularly
@ interested in participating in your little spat. However, it is
@ perhaps instructive on how the "alternative DNS effort" or whatever
@ you all are calling yourselves these days can be expected to
@ operate...
@ Have a nice day,
@ -drc


Some folks from Japan once suggested that Japan have
their own Root Name Server Confederation. Has any more
progress been made on Root Name Server Confederations
in the Asia/Pacific region ?

While it might be true that North America has its share
of Root Name Server Confederations, I am not sure there
can be too many. With more Root Name Server Confederations
we are able to learn more about the technical, human and
market dynamics.

Hopefully this research will be useful in other parts of
the world. If I recall, you once said that the Asia/Pacific
region would likely result in each country wanting their
own confederation. Has any progress been made on which
countries would be the most likely candidates ?