[Re: Semi-OT: solicitations to nanog]

i seem to remember other similar 'solicitations' by nanog members
seeking to join up with fellow networkers in their local community,
at the next arin/nanog/sushi/etc meeting...i don't think that this
is really that much different. granted, i don't know how 'tasteful'
it was, but i am sure that jeff has been sufficiently spammed^W
informed about the situation. (maybe he was trying to pull some of
the noise from the list to a social organization, thereby increasing
the signal level for us to discuss more valid things like the
comparing pe^H^Hego^H^H^Hrouter size)

now is shall step back to let the next nanoger forth to desperately
flail the pulpy carcass or this thing that used to be a fine equine

Joe wrote:
> So as not to cluter up the list, I've posted the response/thread
> of email I received regarding this, complete with the "explaination"
> so to speak. I don't buy it, but perhaps I'm missing something.
> http://www.rocknyou.com/nanogspam.html
> I was surprised to get a response none the less.

In this particular case, reguardless of the Friendster TOS (which I
don't believe supported the action), it is (if I'm not mistaken) the
list maintainer's call concerning whether it was appropriate or not and
what action (if any) is needed.

My personal opinion is that the list is designed to "bring people
together" and its membership is, I'm sure, aware that there are other
ways of communications which are often handled on a case by case basis
off-list (or perhaps the off-topic list depending on it's charter?).


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