RE: Security of Equipment in poorly-secured locations.

Although a webcam is cheaper, Netbotz has a slick rackmount camera that does
envionmentals as well. On motion detection it snaps 5 frames off to a
central server which can be tied into a NMS.

In this particular case, the colo being open racks (apparently), physical
security was lacking a lot. But, just as with spam, the measure -
counter-measure struggle goes on. "Locks only keep honest people out."


'scuse the disclaimer below.

Well I work for a very large company that runs premium
data centers, while camera's are great, real security
are on those sites monitoring 24/7

It is not my intent to malign Verizon, nor any other
major provider, in my opinion critical infrastructure
equipment must be protected, while I do not believe
terrorists were involved in this particular incident,
I do believe enterprising individuals taking advantage
of the current political hysteria took equipment to
possibly set up their own high speed network, because
it was accessable.