RE: Second day of rolling blackouts starts

Los Angeles rates have stayed the same, and they’re not having any problems. (It’s a public utility, and thus wasn’t forced into competition at the same rate as the private companies.)

-Mat Butler

This all proves that if you're looking for a place to put a data center, you
need to keep this in mind:

X amount of power takes Y amount of money to produce.

You can either pay it to a state-sponsored monopoly, or you can pay it to a
private company competing freely, or you can force artificially low prices
through pseudo-private companies operating under cap that generates Y minus
N amount of income, and watch X minus N amount of power be generated.

No amount of legislation will make Y minus N amount of money produce X amount
of power. No company that is truly competing will charge Y minus N, because
they make more money if they charge Y.