RE: *scream* Cannot contact AT&T WorldNet NOC


If you are a customer of AT&T WorldNet Managed Internet Services
(meaning, you have a dedicated connection to the Internet from AT&T
WorldNet), the Customer Care number, which is manned 24 X7, is
800-411-6427. You can open a trouble ticket there for whatever problem
you're having. The Customer Care technician will troubleshoot it as far
as they can take it (they have a fair amount of testing capability; if
need be the NOC will get involved and work further to resolve the

If you are a customer of our WorldNet Dial service, the number to call
for support is 800-WORLDNET or 800-400-1447. You are right, you will
probably always get asked about your PC configuration because that's the=


The scenario is that he is not a customer of yours, he's a customer of
some other ISP.

The problem is that one of your customers are sending traffic that
causes problems.