Re: Russia to disconnect from global Internet

Bill Woodcock wrote:

> This applies exclusively to Russian federal government networks, not ISPs or telecom operators.

says otherwise.


No, that was the original source of the disinformation. I guess she didn’t actually read it, or didn’t understand it, and in any case, failed to fact-check. Ask Russian network operators or government IT folks, or a lawyer… there’s no ambiguity here.

Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation denied plans to disconnect Russia from the Internet

[ translate...]
Moscow. March 7th. INTERFAX.RU - The Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation refutes rumors about alleged plans to disconnect Russia from the global Internet.

"Russian websites are continuously being attacked by cyberattacks from abroad. We are preparing for various scenarios to ensure the availability of Russian resources. There are no plans to turn off the Internet from within," the department told Interfax on Monday.

The press service of the department reported that the Ministry of Digital Transformation sent a letter to government agencies, which sets out a set of recommendations on cyber hygiene.

These recommendations, as explained in the department, will help to more effectively organize work to protect resources from malicious traffic, maintain the operation of services and control over domain names.

And then contradicts itself.