RE: Routing System Scaling - Disaster Looming, but Medium-Term Fixes Known

Bill -

  If your magical mystical OBGP stuff puts pressure on the global
routing system, you can expect at some point that people stop
subsidizing your use of their resources, and start filtering
or damping you, or charging you real money.

  If your magical mystical OBGP stuff does not, then it is
irrelevant to the scaling of the global routing system by
virtue of having no impact on it. There is NO reason why
significant site-to-site multihoming need be made visible
to the global routing system, if sites are not providing
global transit for one another via entities that cannot
aggregate the sites behind a single prefix. That UfT and
YorkU have some sort of fast direct interconnection just for
exchanging traffic between themselves does not need
to be known in New York or Amsterdam, or even by ONET.

  There is probably some opportunity for you to exploit the
fact that few networks impose any kind of barrier on resource
consumption at the present time. Surely, though, you would be
better off looking at the reality that operators face before
arguing that your "empower the edge!" ideas are truly cost-saving.