RE: Routers vs. PC's for routing - was list problems?

AFAIK standard (non-proprietary) CompactFlash, SmartCards, Memory Stick, et
al, are seen as (removable) storage with typical allowed attributes. I can
set a file/folder/card to 'locked' in my camera but when plugged into the
computer this will show as 'read only.'

Then again, router manufacturers are infamous for jiggering as much as
possible to proprietary. Might still be able to 'administer' the card in
another machine then install it in the proprietary device but that might
void your warranty. :slight_smile:

Hey, they're just protecting their market share, right? Worked for Apple,
oh, wait a minute... (/mnt asbestos underwear)

Just my 2�.


"read-only" is a filesystem attribute. You can still format the card and
kill the filesystem. Not good for a secure router.

The only consumer flash card with physical write protect switch is the
"Secure Digital" stuff, afaik.