RE: Router gets hurt!

You may also wish to implement WINS so it doesn't use broadcast name
resolution techniques.

Also, if you have any WfWg machines, there was a fix years ago where
they wouldn't relinquish a master browser role. MS issued a fix back
in the 3.51 days. Similar situation, election wars, although it never
took out Cat 5's or 7206's on the networks we used.

Surely you're not doing broadcast flooding on the Crisco, are you?

Alternatively, you can force one machine to be the master browser and
the others to be backup browsers which pretty much obviates the need
for an election.

I would suggest and search for Preferred
Master Browser.


---"James D. Wilson" wrote:

I should mention that these are not my NT machines, they're all colocated
customers that insist on using NT as a server platform.

It seems simply turning the election off has cleared it all up.