RE: Root Name Server Confederations

@ On Tue, 20 May 1997, Jim Fleming wrote:
@ >
@ > Even though some people do not think they exist...
@ >
@ > ...Here are the various Root Name Server Confederations
@ > that ISPs can choose between. ISPs should only choose
@ > one Confederation. Mixing and matching servers from each
@ > Confederation is not recommended.
@ Of course.
@ I am willing to side with you and against vixie on the root-servers thing,
@ if you will cut me in on a share of the attendant power and profits
@ when you finally ram edns down everyone's throat.
@ I'm basically not smart enough or competent enough to earn big money and
@ grab power on my own merits, so i'm always looking for a scheme or a
@ marketing ploy that could beam me up the Ladder of Success.

If you are looking for fame and fortune, I do not
think that eDNS will deliver that. eDNS is largely
a volunteer effort and I bet that any eDNS person
would trade places with some of the people that
you might think are not in this for the "profits"
even though they run "non-profit companies".

Ask those people to review their annual earnings
with you sometime. I bet you do not get very far.