RE: Registry Operational Requirements

@ On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Jim Fleming wrote:
@ > It now looks like Michael Dillon will take those matters up over
@ > on the "newdom" mailing list. For people that are not allowed
@ > to actively be part of the "newdom" list, the archive is at...
@ > <>
@ That's right Jim, because discussions about new international Top Level
@ Domain registries belong there. Please don't broadcast my writings on the
@ subject to other forums that they do not belong in.

I see that you have no problem taking what I wrote on inet-access
and using it to post over in "newdom". I guess your rules do not apply
to yourself. By the way, when you do that on the "newdom" list it
might be good to place the proper attributions on the writings.

Also, who are you to decide which "forums" things belong in? Are
you in charge of that sort of decision making in Canada?

@ > For the record, it is curious that Michael Dillon continues to ask
@ > Bill Manning about what the "IANA" will do, despite the fact that
@ > Fred Baker, the IETF chair, indicated that Bill Manning's name
@ > was not on a recent list of IANA members.
@ Hey, it never hurts to ask. IANA people aren't the only ones that know
@ what is going on. They aren't a secret society you know. They do talk with
@ a lot of other people and I'm guessing that Bill Manning, a well known
@ IETF member, is one of those people.

Is the IANA membership list published anywhere...?

@ > In my opinion, ISPs have the right to know what sort of operational
@ > requirements are being proposed to operate a "registry".
@ Most ISP's could care less about this because it will have minimal effect
@ on them. A few may wish to spend some money and take a chance on the
@ new TLD registry business. Those ISP's can send a "subscribe" message to
@ and read for
@ background info.
@ well as...


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