Re:Recreational activity before/after Regional Techs meeting?

Would anyone planning to attend the regional techs meeting be interested in a
whitewater rafting trip either the day before or the day after the meetings?
Early June is the tail end of the prime whitewater season in Pennsylvania and
West Virginia and there are two relatively easy rivers (the Cheat, in Albright,
WV and the Lower Youghiogheney, in Ohiopyle, PA) within a 3-4 hour drive of the
Dulles Airport area.

Another option is PaintBall. If you don't know what it is I can explain.
If you like to stalk others in the woods and don't mind getting
splattered with .68 caliber paint pellets. Of course saftey is
There is a playing field in Leesburg VA - a short distance (30 min)
from Sprint International.