Re: Read: IPv6 internet broken, cogent/hurricane not peering

the lesson of (/for) the

kolayın tuzağına düşme

do not fall into trap of the easy way.

now tier1 league of them will take like forever for never

I would suggest this is more aptly a case of the Latin phrase
“caveat emptor”

What Cogent or Hurricane chooses to do or not do with their
respective networks is their business (quite literally).

What matters is what you choose to do as a customer;
and that is why the Latin phrase is so relevant to your
situation: “Let the buyer beware.”

Knowing now as you do that neither network will give
you a “complete” view of the Internet, when it comes
time to renew contracts, it would seem to be wise for
you to select a set of upstream providers that will better
suit your needs. Using Cogent or HE as one of your
transit providers, along with a less contentious network
will help ensure you have broader coverage for what the
rest of the world considers to be the ‘entire’ internet.

Putting all of your eggs in either the Cogent or HE baskets
at this stage of the game, however, is likely to lead to some
amount of heartache and pain.

In the immortal words of the Knight Templar guarding the

“He chose…poorly.”

The reason you’re not getting a great deal of sympathy or
support here, no matter how many times you grumble about
it, is that this is a known conflict, it’s been in existence for as
long as some of the people on this list have been working in
the industry, and everyone else has simply shrugged their
shoulders, learned to do more background research before
signing a long-term contract, and moved on with their

The only thing that is likely to break the stalemate at this
point is voting with your money. Take your business elsewhere,
until one side or the other decides getting customer revenue is
more important than a silly entry on a Wikipedia page. Or, if you
have the resources, become a majority shareholder in one or the
the company, and force the management team to change its
position on the matter. Given that only one of the two companies
is publicly held, I suspect it should be clearly evident which company
would be the best focus of your energy and money, should you choose
to go in that direction.

If nothing else, please do recognize that no amount of grumbling
here on NANOG is going to have one whit of impact on the position
of either company. ^_^;

Best of luck!