RE: Re: Digital Island sponsors DoS attempt

Don't be insulting Happy Gilmore.

You said, "Certainly would not want someone to upgrade from a DS3 to an OC3
to "enhance internet
traffic" from their site to me, or multi-home to make sure if one provider
/ line dies their site is still available. And forget about using load
balancers, Content Distribution Networks, etc."

Talk about silly! Ever notice why STANDARD (hint) upgrades are warranted,
while not even remotely connected to the subject at hand?
S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D-I-Z-E-D. We all can use our brains and tell the difference
between standard upgrades and standard load-balancing, as defined by
numerous RFCs, and non-standard, uninformed haphazard methodology!

I made a point that basically said DI's unorthodoxed methodologies are not
your choice (at least not until you discover them). You addressed that point
by saying I misinterpreted that, that "using a gizmo was my choice" and I
said that the difference is that one is a choice, your choice, the other is
not. And I must also add that one affects only you while the other affects
the entire Internet. Big difference, see it? Now take back that 'silly'
comment! :slight_smile:


-Trying to find the silliness...