RE: Re: Digital Island sponsors DoS attempt

Me thinks that when such technologies be commercialized on the net, there
will be problems. Usually, IP and such technologies are the charge of the
internet community and we form committees, or use IEEE, IETF, RFCs,
ARIN...etc for these and other technologies and come to open internet
standards and agreements on how to improve such things. Now we have these
people coming in here on their own and attempting to shove their technolgies
down our pipes w/o OUR concensus! Anyone now see the problem with this? I
believe this to be the key as to why this is wrong and why DI, or Akamai,
should not be even allowed to 'help' the internet.

Marc Quibell
ICN Network Operations Center
Data Operations Group

They are using standard technology, Digital Island and Akamai did not
invent ICMP. The methodology is new, and they have the right to use
it. If you dislike the methodology, you can block it, or propose to the
IETF that we change or remove ICMP.