RE: Re[2]: OT: Interesting email I received

Of course, perhaps its a way for Qwest to increase
As follows from Qwest’s TOS page, section 3

Among other things, the AUP prohibits sending unsolicited
e-mail messages including bulk commercial advertising or
informational announcements (“Spam”) and Qwest will
immediately terminate any account which it believes,
in its sole discretion, is transmitting or is otherwise
connected with any Spam. In addition, because damages
are often difficult to quantify, if actual damages
cannot be reasonably calculated then you agree to
pay Qwest liquidated damages of five dollars ($5.00)
for each piece of spam or unsolicited bulk e-mail
transmitted from or otherwise connected with your
account, otherwise you agree to pay Qwest’s actual
damages, to the extent such actual damages can be
reasonably calculated.

5 Bucks a pop, and if your sending 1000’s of em lol