RE: RBL Update (Re: Lets go vixie!! rbl)

I'm suprised that people haven't done a better job at building better
SMTP filters.. Unfortunately what I wrote was on company time, so I can't
release it (grrrrrr), but I definately have the flexability to do stuff
like this (indeed, this isn't the first time MSN mail was blocked, and
I was not affected by Vixie's decisions):
I'm not sure how easy/hard it would be to maintain *sendmail* that way..

I have sendmail configured to do/not do various filtering (RBL, ...)
on a per end-user basis. it works well, and keeps most people happy.

was fairly easy to setup. a bit harder than brain surgery, but not much...


So, how would you do that with Post.Office? :slight_smile:


-- jr 'you might publish?' a