RE: RBL quandry - opinions hereby solicited

No. That's not really a valid comparison. You have a choice about which
credit card company you deal with. Network Solutions is spamming you based
on information you are required to provide to them. If you refuse to
provide them with the info, you get no domain registration. Cute, eh?


Chris Mauritz
Director, Systems Administration
Rare Medium, Inc.

I've cancelled two credit cards because their telemarketers wouldn't stop
calling me.

I think the point here is that, NO MATTER HOW THEY GOT YOUR NAME, any
company you do business with should honor requests to not be solicited
to by phone, email, or snail mail.

Network Solutions apparently has consistently ignored requests for people
to be removed from their commercial email lists. I heartily welcome them
to the RBL.

--Chris Woodfield
  Network Operations Center
  Intermedia Communications/DIGEX