RE: Randy Bush et al

Well. After getting back from a trip I find, what? That Mr. Bush
has a bug up his ass. Bottom line:

- We do default route. Into a Sprint T3 that we pay for. :slight_smile:

- We do not pass no-next-hop-self routes - Check around, if someone
was as bright as they think they are it would be obvious.

- We only peered with Verio in the first place becuase someone other
than Randy contacted us

- We formerly sent a lot of traffic to Verio because it's customers
love porn, and we have several rather large web farms downstream.

The number listed in whois is bad, sorry, it happens. But the number
on our web site is not.

When there is a problem and we are involved, I say so. There was no
problem here and we won't miss Verio peering one bit.

888-624-8700 NOC
702-802-0222 ext 3148 voice

BTW: Below is the "snotty" message that was sent to our
NOC and it's reply. Who was snottier than who?

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------