RE: Qwest Support


After going through the string of emails on this subject, it really amazes me that someone would bash someone else in regards to getting correct support. This appeared to be a legitimate need for support, & Regardless of the nature of the problem, as Mr. Urban suggests, quite correctly, this gentleman Mr. Dills could not get support when he required it, & was shuffled around.

In fact, someone suggested that he would have had" greater sympathy " for this gentleman if he was really down. & if it had of been a legitimate routing problem, it would have been " more interesting ".

Now, we all can understand with the state of the industry, that support response times & support in general might just be a bit stretched these days. But no sympathy, or would have had greater sympathy, come on.

Infact, reading further emails, it appears that this gentleman, Mr. Dills DID have a routing issue. & once he lit into his provider, via NANOG, they did not like the exposure & quickly gave him some assistance.

Now, NANOG is really not the place to b****, but if it works...

Greater sympathy.... ?? More interesting if it was a routing problem... When it appears it was...

Wonder if they treat their customers like that at Sockeye Networks.

A customer is a customer, plain & simple. Dont tell him you will call him back in 30 minutes then shuffle him off. For a day.


Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 19:07:47 GMT
From: "" <>

Am I correct that NANOG participants are to give their REAL
names? Before judging others, at least play by the rules.
Sorry, but on this list, a Hotmail address just seems...
tacky. If you wish to speak up, identify yourself. If you
haven't enough faith in your messages to claim them...

Yes, the support -- or lack thereof -- sounds rather scary. But
personally I'd rather get blasted by { Randy | Paul | Daniel |
Avi | Patrick | Bill | Bill | Sean | Sean | ... } and get
something from it than to have sugar-coated puff talk and drivel.
Not that I always agree with all of them by any means -- but
a high enough clue concentration SHOULD make one stop and think
WHY they say what they do.

The relationships here are peer-to-peer, not customer-vendor.
Such is the way that geek lists run. (And I'm just a baby --
inet-access in '97 was my first list -- "basement multihomer".)