[Re: Put part of Google on 69/8 (was Re: 69/8...this sucks)]

for all of the $adjective schemes and ideas that have been posted, has
anyone (besides jon and few others affected) been doing anything
outreach, more than any technical 'magic' that we can come up with, is the
only 'real' solution (subjective real, what is real to me probably doesn't
mean sh*t to you, but, hey, wtf). the media might be good, perhaps
some online tech sites (someone with a 'big' name in networking would
probably be better able to get exposure/contact than a network nobody) -
there are/were some reporter-types lurking on nanog (are you out there??),
if you are please help.

one thing that has been mentioned is the bogon style filtering in various
o/s firewall scripts. anyone thought to contact the authors of those
scripts, or of the howtos on places like tldp.org? or is everyone too
busy reveling in their technical grandeur....

the problem is simple: outdated filters.
the cause is murkier, but lack of clue is probably the biggest, followed
closely by lack of documentation on the part of previous admins (but we
all document our work carefully right?!?!)
the solution is simple: tell people that their filters are out of date
the implementation is difficult only in terms of scale. none of us have
the time to call/email or otherwise track down every admin out there, so
we have to use the tools available to us (unless you really really think
that reinventing the wheel again is a good thing)

my $0.02 usd - this network nobody is now returning you to your regularly
scheduled ego-fest


> Charles Sprickman wrote:
> >Seriously though, somewhere there is a popular site that is non-profit


> >nature that would trade say a month of free access for the hassle of


> >put into a widely-blocked block.
> The suggestion of putting Yahoo or Google on a 69/8 IP led me to this
> idea:
> Google could put their *beta* sites on a 69/8 IP, without causing them
> (Google) much Internet reachability/connectivity harm, and benefiting
> the Internet at large considerably.

(Note to Mr. Dill, this is not intended to pick on you specifically,
it's just a convenient place to butt in)

JESUS H CHRIST ENOUGH ALREADY... Please stop with the hairbrained ideas to
put random things in 69/8 space. These goals are mutually exclusive. You
can't put important stuff on broken IPs, and you can't fix broken IPs by
putting unimportant stuff on them. No one is going to move all of the root
servers to try and fix a couple outdated filters, and no one who is still
running outdated filters is going to notice it because they can't reach
Google beta sites.

These are not just bad ideas, they are STUPID ideas. What happened to the
days when, before people posted to mailing lists, they thought "will this
make me look like an idiot in front of engineers across the entire
planet"? This is quickly not only becoming one of the most all-time
useless threads ever, but it is continuing to repell the useful people who
can no longer stand to read NANOG because of crap like this.

Listen, I have space in 69/8, and it is NOT an epidemic. Back when 64/8
was opened up it destroyed a beautiful 64/3 filter on unallocated space,
and yet somehow we all made it through just fine. The people who are
stupid enough to filter IPs without a plan on keeping those filters up to
date deserve their connectivity problems. Maybe next time they'll give
consideration to whether they actually need unallocated bogon filters on
every last linux server. :slight_smile:

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