RE: Purpose of the Internet

This is a great book, BTW. All network engineers should read

Just happen to have it handy. Both of the earlier posters were
correct. The book cites both Bob Taylor's priority on R&E
networks and Baran's goal of a resilient communications system
that could survive a nuclear holocaust. *Inspiration* - instead
of measuring nuclear weapon destructive power in megatons, it
would perhaps be useful to express it in megabackhoes.

I suspect

In case you missed it...

Jonathan King
AOL Network Operations,1283,21100,00.html
Dyson reiterated that point in her letter to Bliley and said that the ICANN
board expects that Sims will communicate on its behalf with government agencies
and lawmakers as the "ordinary course" of doing his job.,1902,5722,00.html
ICANN Downplays Talks With DoJ
ICANN Downplays "Inappropriate" Talks with DOJ
"You have really gone off the deep end."
DOJ, ICANN accused of collusion

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thanks for the walk down para-schitz memory lane of three years ago.

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