RE: Puerto Rico Peering Point, or existence thereof.

so, did any of the much-ballyhooed florida (misnomered) naps actually
manage to attract the significant (== big tier-1) isps?

are they connected and peering, i.e. packets moving, or just paying rent?


How many big tier-1 isps peer at public exchange points these days? I know
Level-3, Abovenet, Genuity (although that's now Level3) do. I don't think
Sprint, UUNet (in the US), AT&T do. I'm willing to be proven wrong.


I must point out that BellSouth's MIX is gone

Also, I am curious about NOTA's lomng term plans given that most of the
building where the NAP is at is rented by Global Crossing -- at least has
been before ch. 11