RE: Problems with AT&T

Personally, I would have preferred that the caution showed itself
prior to rolling out something that doesnt support ICMP sufficiently.
Caution at that stage would have been most appropriate and
most welcome. :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on which vendor and what specific issue
you are dealing with? That might alleviate some head scratching
as we (any affected parties) all await the vendor fix.

I've got an HTTPS application that used to work great when
InterNAP was giving us a path from Dallas to Atlanta over
UUNET's network. But when we moved to Plano, InterNAP
started pushing us over AT&T. The RTT is fantastic to our
destination which is why I suppose we have that route but
I suspect that it's not simply ICMP that's getting dropped on
AT&T's network. Sorry, I've heard it from mutliple sources
that it's just ICMP that's getting deprioritized/dropped but
I'm skeptical. I've lost a little faith in the InterNAP secret
sauce. :frowning: