RE: [ppml] A registered ULA policy proposal outline

Hello I have been reading all the ULA emails and decided some of you might be interested to know the following:

A small group of people (including Jason Schiller, Thomas Narten,
Marla Azinger, Bob Hinden, Geoff Huston) have been discussing this
very subject and what actions we need to pursue in order to evolve
from circular conversations.

Here is what action we are taking:

Bob Hinden is going to revise the expired Centralized ULA Internet
Draft, updating it based on input received from various forum
discussions. We plan to submit this draft to the v6ops WG in time for
the Chicago IETF with a goal of having it published as an RFC. Part
of the new wording will be to clarify the ULA ID properties needed to
make it work but leave out the details of how to achieve this to the
RIR's. So yes, this document will "request" RIR involvment. And
if/when approved, the document would task IANA with disseminating the
ULA Addresses to the RIR's for assignment.

We believe significant changes have occured in the last two years that
make ULA a reasonable and acceptable requirement and that to make it
work it needs the cooperation of IANA, IETF and RIR's. We are working
to bridge this gap with a revised proposal that will (hopefully!) get
us out of the circular discussions.

Thank you for your time
Marla Azinger
Frontier Communications