RE: possible L3 issues

Here at planet (AS8737) we also having problems reaching

Seems that C&W are also having problems reaching microsoft??



C&W seems to be doing fine towards Microsoft, are you still experiencing



A Level 3 spokesman would not confirm or deny that hardware was the source
of the problem, nor would he elaborate on the nature of the issue.

"We are investigating the cause of the problem, which is fully resolved at
this time," said Arthur Hodges, the spokesman. He declined to offer
additional information.

And we, the general Internet public, tends to just accept this and forget
about it.

Why do we do this?

* (Alex Rubenstein) [Tue 24 Feb 2004, 18:13 CET]:

Because, in the the grand scale scheme of things, it's really not that important.

No one died because of it, the normal, everyday events of the world went on,
unaffected by a Level 3 outage...

Might be nice to know what happened, but my life will certainly not be less interesting by not having that knowledge...


Are you sure no one died as a result? My hobby is volunteering as a firefighter and EMT. If Level3's network sits between a dispatch center or mobile data terminal and a key resource, it could be a factor (hospital status website, hazardous materials action guide, VoIP link that didn't reroute because the control plane was happy but the forwarding plane was sad, etc.).

And if the problem could happen to another network tomorrow but could be prevented or patched, wouldn't inquiring minds want to know? Your life might be more interesting when the fit hits the shan if you have the same vulnerability.

Colin Neeson wrote:

So cmon, forget the statement, anyone know what actually happened.. ?