RE: Pitfalls of annoucing /24s

I noticed the verio filter policy, in relation to inbound:
- In the traditional Class A space (i.e., 0/1), we accept /22 and shorter.

If I want to announce a /24 in the 64.x.x.x space(traditional Class A space)
am I'm going to have a problem with other networks that have peer filters
similar to Verios?

Jean-Christophe Smith

Don't know for certain, but I announce from time-time singular /24s out
of my 64.x block (without announcing entire block, although at times
I'd announce entire block as two /20s well) and have seen no problems with
verio or anybody else.

I will say most probably yes. I have seen this "problem"(?) on many
small business customers. The hard part is trying to explain that to