RE: Peering points


  Heck, I wonder how much congestion could be allievated at
MAE-East by
  people just exchanging traffic via all the places they connect
in common.
  I peer with several providers only at MAE-East, who also have
  elsewhere. But they've never turned up peering at the other
places. So
  all the traffic ends up flowing through MAE-East.


It seems to me that you're being screwed.....

As far as I remember, every peering agreement we have (even with Sprint
and MCI) says that we agree to peer with each other at *_every_*
location that we are both present at.

Isn't that the right way to do it? Selective peering is almost as bad as
prepending AS's

Rodney Joffe
Chief Plumber
Genuity Inc., a Bechtel company