RE: Paul Vixie did not spam you (this is an automated response)

These are the same guys that the WA state AG shut down for mail fraud. I'm suprised they have the nuts to pop up again; this topic was beat to death on Seattle.General about 5 or 6 months ago.

No answer at the number and apparently non of these DNS machines are
currently on the net... hmm.
This guy is causing my mail queues to fill up with a ton of bounces and
flames and I don't appreciate it one bit. The guys at forprofit have some
friends at the FBI, but they say that everytime they try to go after these
guys, the ISPs won't co-operate :slight_smile:

We had the opposite recently, one of our customers was sending out spam.
After we canceled the account, they tried a chargeback on the credit
card, and we contacted the FBI for computer fraud, as the account was
purchased and contracted for personal use. Personally I'd always cooperate
in such a matter.