[Re: PAIX]

for my voip network/peers, i can withstand rtt's of around 600ms - granted
the quality sucks at that sort of latency, but data/ip routes into some
of the less-than-developed places in the world are crap at best, and any
phone is better than none

> Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> >>>Any point in the US is within 25ms RTT (or less) of a major exchange;

eliminating this 25ms of latency will have no effect on VoIP unless you're
already near the 250ms RTT limit for other reasons.<<<

> 25 MS is assuming that the only delay is due to the speed of light. Add

equipment, especially routers or other gear that requires manipulating packets
and the delays add up quickly. I once read that the most people wil tolerate
on a regular basis is around 150-180 ms. I think that is much too high for
regular use


  As far as VoIP goes, take 2 (digital/pcs/gsm/whatnot) cell phones
(preferably on different carriers, or even the same if you want to see it)
and call the other phone. Check out the delay in there. People who
think that VoIP needs low delay don't realize the [presumably compression
and other dsp related] delays introduced that people will be able to

  - jared

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