RE: OT: Visio or Autocad

It is my uinderstanding that we should use what really works for the
individual.. Just because certain individuals OVERUSE Visio for various
reasons, I feel that the usage of the best tool to fit the situation is
perfectly acceptable. In the end, the printout will still look the same
right?? If people want to update the diagram, I feel if you are the
source of this diagram then unless you specifically delegate control to
someone all revisions should come from or be made by you..

I personally think Visio is way too complex and over done..
Microsoft makes it complicated so that they can not only make money on
the purchase of the license, but also rake in the $ from potentially
unnecessary training due to the complexity that they have built into the
nature of the application.. IE: Microsoft: lets make it so everyone
could have a use for it, and lets make it so complicated that we can
recover on the training aspect.. It's the Micro$oft Way, rather than
fight it, just sitback and be assimiliated. Sounds like a startrek
thing.. :wink:
Although, on the flipside, Microsoft does have it's place in the
community, most of their applications seem to help increase productivity
and seem to be researched and developed pretty deeply..
Bottom line is, Time and place for everything.

Thanks 4 ur time and attention, all the best,