RE: OT. - The end of inet-access

Thanks for taking the time to help me today. I am subscribed again
and I apologize for sending the wrong signal to NANOG today.
Operator error *again*.


You are very welcome Dee. We are happy to have you back on the list! And all is not lost - since you raised the subject here on NANOG over a dozen new subscribers have joined the inet-access list in just the past few hours. Welcome to everyone!

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind the NANOG list that the NANOG FAQ lists the inet-access list as one of the resources you can use when you have an ISP related issue that is not on-topic for NANOG:


I have had several emails asking how to join, and have also seen quite a few people try to join but not following the correct procedure (resulting in bounces to the admin). To subscribe, send a plain text email "From:" the address you are adding to and in the body say:

  subscribe list

then reply to the confirmation email.