RE: OT - Small DNS "appliances" for remote offices.


Red. Herrings.

You can provision macs over the network. That's one of the functions of Mac OSX Server OS. It's trivial to then promote them to servers themselves. All remotely.

Also, the Mac is running a full BIND9 implementation, not some cutdown version. Yes the GUI is minimal, but there's no need to use the GUI, and you don't even have a GUI on other platforms for the most part.

BGP speaker? Come on, you're gilding the lily.

Yes, Apple is silent about its plans. But the Mac Mini and Server OS have been well supported for over a decade. I don't know why you're bringing server hardware into this, the whole point of the discussion is to avoid using server hardware. And how much open source "road map" has failed to materialize? Lots! The future-proofing argument cuts both ways, my friend.

You may have little confidence in Apple, but the rest of the world seems to have great confidence. Just look at Apple's stock performance and market cap.

As a famous scientist one said: "The absence of data is not data." :slight_smile:

-mel beckman

here here, apple kits rocks for low end server work, sun kit rocks for high end server work.


sounds super important...

question though, what's the expected average/normal/budgeted rate for
the remote office connection to the intertubes? + or 1 10mbps ?