RE: OT: Interesting email I received

I just had to call that number on his web page
and ask if it was some sort of joke, The guy
there “Paul” didn’t have any idea that his
services were disrupted, and he even seemed
excited at the prospect of doing some Bulk/Spam
Email for me.

When I mentioned I couldn’t get to his webpage
He seemed surprised. I ended the convo with
“You should really read the TOS with your ISP”

hahaha. I would love to hear the conversation between him
and Qwest Tech/Support.


Not so fast...I just pulled it up:

traceroute to ( 1-30 hops, 38 byte packets
7 ( 20.1 ms (ttl=248!) 19.9 ms
(ttl=248!) 19.8 ms (ttl=248!)
8 ( 19.3 ms (ttl=247!) 25.9 ms
(ttl=247!) 19.4 ms (ttl=247!)
9 ( 35.3 ms 35.4 ms 35.6 ms
10 ( 36.3 ms 35.4 ms 35.5 ms

* (Christopher A. Woodfield) [Fri 01 Feb 2002, 23:33 CET]:

Not so fast...I just pulled it up:

[snip traceroute]

Correct, the page loads now here as well... Disappointing. Curses!
Foiled again by a plain ol' network outage.


  -- Niels.