RE: Opinions of recent ITU Comments on the Management of IP Addre sses

That's a little different than what DOC thinks:

" A. Need for Government Involvement in IPv6 Deployment

  1. Reliance on Market Forces

            As a general matter, government policymakers in the United
States prefer to rely on market forces for the large-scale deployment of new
technologies. In most cases, reliance on the market tends to produce the
most efficient allocation of resources, the greatest level of innovation,
and the maximum amount of societal welfare. Accordingly, we seek comment on
whether market forces alone will be sufficient to drive a reasonable and
timely level of IPv6 deployment in the United States. For example, given
commenters' views on the current and predicted rates of IPv6 deployment, do
commenters believe those rates demonstrate a sufficient uptake of IPv6 in
the United States? We ask commenters to identify the specific reasons for
their positions.

DOC Comments Period in IPV6

The actual comments:

The July Public Meeting