RE: OpenTransit (france telecom) depeers cogent

As a cogent customer, I still see no routes to (the route that holds via my cogent feed.

That /16 also appears to be unreachable from the looking glass on cogent's website still.

John van Oppen
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I can trace from Cogent to FT just fine.

Haven't checked all possible end points, but my spot check shows connectivity.

Replying to my own post, I still see some Cogent <-> FT strangeness.

Tracing to works fine, but dies on the first hop.

Spot checking other IPs in FT, they seem to work. Is it just the '' sub-network that is still not connected?

Anyone have any more info?

They are alive!


No ping, no traceroute, but I get their homepage.


That is me. ( 9.237 ms 9.128 ms 9.335 ms ( 8.362 ms 8.445 ms 9.784 ms

That is my way out.

In europe there seem to be no problems. I have not seen anything in forums


"If you meet the criteria defined above, please send your formal peering
application by email to peering5511 at
( has been discontinued)"

I guess they have another mailbox in "qa."

Peter Dambier

yes they're alive.. but the connectivity to DT was never in question :slight_smile: