RE: Open Source BGP Route Optimization?

Not sure I'd trust something that was truly open source to handle something
so important. But I guess I trust nagios for my service availability so
shame on me :wink:


Doesn't Zebra also have something along those lines?
-- Jonathan

Drew Weaver wrote:

So you never run any production code that was compiled with gcc?

And, let me guess, your web servers all run IIS?

Matthew Kaufman

Well, that's pretty impressive. Since you're not using Juniper or Cisco, whose
gear are you using?


procket ? :slight_smile:


No, that's compiled with gcc too. :wink:


Perl is opensource as is Sendmail, Postfix, Bind, DHCPD, Tomcat, Apache, cron, tar, gzip, dump, ethereal, ad infinitim.