RE: On-going Internet Emergency and Domain Names

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and airlines enable drug smugglers. idiot.<darwin><
   Moral indignation is a technique to endow the idiot with dignity.
                                                 - Marshall McLuhan

Registry or Registrar?

> Amen.
> The Registry policies, as they stand today, enable criminals.

Registry or Registrar?



If drugs were smuggled by airlines or airlines with or without their
knowledge, and they, as well as the authority above them, showed complete
lack of care, than yes.

That is the equivalent analogy.


Try roadways: the road rules, as they stand today, enable criminal activities.
How do you suggest it be fixed?

Fix the source, fix the benefits, don't try to fix the methods. Methods change.
The value of crime is what matters to the people doing this.

(FWIW: analogies suck.)