Re: Office 365 Calendar support for macOS Calendar App (Mark Tinka)

Long time Mac user and I found the same problem when I updated my computer and laptop to the latest OS - Ventura.

While my phone still was able to see and manage events and invitations, the Mac was blank.

Long story short - I removed the 0365 account and then restored it (userid / password) and after a 30 minutes or so, my calendar events all repopulated and I continue as before.

IDKWhy I had to go through this extra step, but everything is working as expected now.
Note: Mac Mail never had a problem with the transition to Ventura, only Calendar.

Happy to help you Mark if you direct email me.

Thanks, all, for the replies.

After speaking to Kovich in unicast, I realized I needed to explain the issue in more detail.

When we ran Exchange on-prem or in the cloud, there was no issue running macOS’s native Calendar app with it. However, when we moved to the Office 365 cloud service, it is a whole other affair with how Microsoft offer that service compared to their generic/previous cloud Exchange.

With Office 365, non-Microsoft apps have to be pre-approved by Microsoft, at which point they can be loaded into the master profile for your enterprise account with them, e.g., Thunderbird, e.t.c.

This all became necessary after Microsoft (and other cloud providers) deprecated/favoured “Normal Password” authentication for OAuth2 authentication. In Microsoft’s case, it was a full-on deprecation.

Google have the same feature for their cloud services, something they call “Less secure apps”. However, Google seem to be more generic about allowing non-Google apps to access their cloud vs. Microsoft who need to pre-approve 3rd party apps that you can add to your enterprise profile. Well, at least as far as I can tell.

Microsoft call it “Admin Consent”, or something like that:

Thunderbird, and as far as I can tell, iOS in general, are supported. So I can use Thunderbird to read e-mails hosted by Office 365, because that is a 3rd party app Microsoft support and that your 365 admins. can authorize. There are a ton of other 3rd party apps Microsoft support on 365 from a multitude of other developers.

However, macOS’s native Calendar app is not one of them. This surprises me, which is why I reached out.

A link of what pops up on the macOS Calendar app (and other non-Microsoft apps), looks like this:

I realize that how Office 365 works on the back-end is probably foreign to a lot of people (I know it is for me), but hopefully there is one person here that knows enough about this to point me in the right direction, as our own 365 admins. are stumped.


Mark, for what it’s worth we do have a few Mac users and some of them do show an “Apple Internet Accounts” under the Azure Active Directory admin center → Enterprise applications.

I, myself, do not show this application under my account (despite the calendar app working fine). I do use both email and calendar on Apple iOS devices, but just calendar under MacOS.

Again, I added the account as an Exchange account under Internet Accounts within the past couple months. I suppose if one added an account from the Calendar App or as a different type of account (CalDAV or something) they could have a different experience or if they added it under a previous version of MacOS the same may apply.

Good luck,

I had to do that awhile back as well when I was still on O365.

Just an update to round this out - after the hints from a number of folk on- and off-list, I was able to direct our IT team on how to get this organized.

It is a rather different process for OAuth2 on 365 vs. classic Exchange, but Microsoft do lump macOS native apps into a so-called “Apple Internet Accounts” profile, which is a bit of a dark art to properly activate.

Thanks, all.