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@ At 09:47 PM 6/8/97 PDT, Randy Bush wrote:
@ >The one sure thing on the net is that the newbie influx is sufficient to
@ >keep the majority of mailing list traffic repeating itself.
@ Last year's answers to last year's problems are not necessarily the best
@ answers to this year's problems given the current high rate of change.
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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission just announced
that it will be starting a process to resolve the domain
name issues. Evidently, they plan to start with a clean
slate and of course their charters will guide their actions.

Here are some excerpts...


"The Federal Trade Commission enforces a variety of
federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. The
Commission seeks to ensure that the nation's markets
function competitively, and are vigorous, efficient, and
free of undue restrictions."



"The FTC's antitrust arm, the Bureau of Competition, seeks
to prevent business practices that restrain competition.
As a result, purchasers benefit from lower prices and
greater availability of products and services."


Evidently, the FTC's actions are being applauded (literally)
by many commercial Internet companies that realize that
these actions are now necessary in light of the actions of
some of the so-called, Internet leaders, during the past few

I have a feeling that the FTC's activities will flow into all areas
concerning the fair allocation of Internet resources.

If you are not able to get the Internet resources you need,
it is probably because you are talking to the wrong people.
Keep in mind that there are many people who have no
concern about the law and will run you in circles with
beauracratic word games.

Keep in mind that the InterNIC is "currently" managed by
the U.S. Government via the National Science Foundation.
If you are not getting the service you expect from the InterNIC
you should contact the NSF. Here are some starting points.

National Science Board (NSB)
  The NSB has dual responsibilities as:
    . National science policy advisor to the President
      and the Congress
    . Governing body for the National Science Foundation

  Chairman NSB - Dr. Richard N. Zare, Stanford University

  Office of Inspector General of the NSF (also links to Congress)
    Inspector General - Linda G. Sundro -
      Investigator - Clara Kuehn -
National Science Foundation
  Neal Lane -
    Juris Hartmanis -
      George Strawn -
        Don Mitchell -