RE: Non-ISP companies multi-homing?

So how do you folks punch through the infamous /19 filters? I've got a
couple of clients who would like to multihome, but can't get PI space cause
they can't justify 8192 addresses. Not having "fully routable" PI space
negates the whole purpose of multihoming from their perspective. Does
Gannett or Pointcast have >= 8K hosts exposed on their DMZ networks?

I'm beginning to think there is a market for a device which has 1 Ethernet
port and responds to any RANGE of addresses, so you can scam Internic into
thinking you have 100% utilization of your address space, right off the bat...


No, but we have around 8K devices using our legal address space. Just
because I don't currently expose my hosts doesn't mean I don't want the
option to be able to. When we registered, firewalls weren't the
up-and-coming thing, but then I've also got a /23 being routed via my AS.

Most of that comes from the fact that my addresses are pre-CIDR customer
registered ones. Once again, it's back to the whole aggragation of
routes vs. disaggragation of traffic.

There, now that I've used disaggragation in a sentence, I'll sit down and
shut up.


You can hang over 4 million secondary addresses on E0.

Just a thought.

Randy Benn