RE: Nipper and Cisco configuration results


Thank you for replying. I am asking about the Nipper complaint. Why is Nipper report saying "Rlogin" is enabled when I don't see any ACL in the config?

Using IOS 12.4


Subba Rao


I've not heard or used this product (Nipper) before, so I cannot confirm
what the reasoning is for this. I can tell you that
based on the captures at the wire this appears to be a false-positive. It
appears there is a simuliar question being
asked on their (Nipper's) forums. My guess is it (Nipper) is using the
logging from the Cisco devices in error to claim this as an issue. If itÂ’s
not given access to the Cisco devices other than a network feed not
snmp/logins/syslogging/works/etc, I as well as many others would surely be

Forum reference (which hasn't been answered at this time)

I would be interested to know if you find out the reasoning for this, of
course offlist would be fine.

-Joe Blanchard