RE: Nipper and Cisco configuration results

I did not scan the routers yet with nmap. These results are from Nipper analysis. None of the access lists are showing "port 513" as Nipper is complaining about. The IOS version is 12.4

Subba Rao


Sorry, perhaps I am confussed about the nature of your question? Did you
have acls up for logging these attempts and they weren't logged? or are you
asking for help from the Nipper portion of this as to why its reporting this
With my logging turned up to debug I do see entries about RSHPORTATTEMPTs,
but I suspect theres a lesser logging
for that based on facility.
At 12.3 I don't see any sort of problem with an open Rlogin/Rsh, and I have
tested this on a router running a very minimal configuration. Hands out DHCP
and does OSPF, but that's about it.

Can you clarify your problem a bit?