RE: NEWDOM: Re: offtopic for NANOG - do not read

@ At 01:46 PM 04/26/97 -0500, Karl Denninger wrote:
@ >I'd like you to point out the major corporations and public universities who
@ >will do this. I'd also like you to immediately return that nice root server
@ >that NSI has paid for in part or whole, if you really believe this.
@ NSI has never paid for anything. NSI has doled out money collected by it
@ from NSF and from domain name owners. NSF (i.e. the US taxpayers) and the
@ COM, NET etc. domain name owners have paid for whatever it is you think NSI
@ has paid for.


This is not quite true.

Paul Vixie has stated on the NANOG list that NSI
pays for his equipment. Paul is part of the Internet
Software Consortium (ISC) <>
an IRS approved 501(c) company that accepts
donations so that Paul can write software that
supports the domain name system.

Their web site says they have a $700,000/year budget.

According to the IRS, you can get full-disclosure
on all of this.