RE: New Root Name Servers

@ I have J and K in my file, but not L and M. It is reasonable
@ to assume that they are not available for public use yet, as they are
@ not listed in the currently-available named.root file available from
@ the InterNIC.
@ ---Rob
@ PS: No, I was referring to the incorrect root name servers which you
@ promulgate.

I see that you are falling into line and following the orders
of the U.S. Government and the NSF/InterNIC. That seems
to be the way most network administrators choose to go.

It is interesting that the IANA and Network Solutions, Inc.
have been working hard to keep up with the leading edge
Internet research that has been pioneered by people who
advocated changes to the Top Level Domains.

Once the IANA was able to establish the IAHC to provide
adult supervision to keep a lot of people busy, they were
able to roll up their sleeves and to get something done.

Everyone has a lot of work to do in the next year. Hopefully,
the IANA and Network Solutions, Inc. will be able to keep
pace with the changes on behalf of the U.S. Government
and the National Science Foundation. After all, that is
what they are contracted and paid to do.

I am sure that they will keep you posted of those changes
as they occur and it is good to see that you are falling in
line as those changes happen.

Keep up the good work...

I musta not slept too well last night. I have no idea why I am
dignifying this dreck with responses.