RE: Network Monitoring System - Recommendations?

From: Charlie Khanna - NextWeb []
Subject: Network Monitoring System - Recommendations?

Hi - I was interested in finding out what software applications other ISPs are
using for network monitoring? For example:

1) Overall network health - uptime reports
2) Backup router config automatically
3) Bandwidth reporting (or integration with an MRTG-type app)
4) SNMP trap support (BGP/OSPF session drops - emails out)
5) Database back end (port info into or over to other apps)

I've been using Argus -

I've found this program more and more useful as time goes on... This should fit in with every point except #5. But, of course, the data has to be stored somewhere, so it should be fairly trivial to either write a parser, or modify the source to use a database.

At any rate, I really like this program, it works wonderfully.