RE: NetSol Bulk Whois

Nicholas Bastin <>

Anyone noticed this lately when they do a dump in whois?

(47) bulk_whois_optout: N|

Anybody know when this became an option? (And can we charge
NetSol for
the amount of mail we receive between when we submit the change order
and when it actually gets done?)

i'm not sure when it actually started, but it was recently discussed
on another mailing list.

PRIVACY Forum Digest Wednesday, 14 February
2001 Volume 10 : Issue 03



If you don't want to participate in NSI's bulk/marketing
bonanza, you'll need to avail yourself (*now* that you'll
know about them) of their opt-outs. Buried within their
privacy policy it says that you can send notes with the

remove bulk access


remove domain

respectively, in the subject lines of e-mail to:

with a list in the body of the message detailing the
domains (for which you are the registrant) that you wish
to opt-out.

It is not detailed how such requests are authenticated,
nor is any particular format for the lists specified. If a
human is reading those requests, they're likely to be
getting pretty busy very soon!

I'm also not sure when it started, but its worth noting that ICANN requires
that all registrars provide companies with bulk whois information for a fee
which (IIRC) cannot be more than $10,000 US - its part of the registrar
accreditation agreement.