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I've had a similar experience with a domain I had transferred. The domain name
( had a host, which was relied upon by 400 other domains
( I transferred the domain name to OpenSRS (as I am a
reseller) and noticed that when I created nameservers on OpenSRS for the domain
name that NSI's old host records for it were overriding since we also changed
the nameserver IP address for the host record. Unfortunately the only solution
we had (since the host was replied upon by other domains) was to fix the host
on NSI as well to reflect the new address. In an ideal world, NSI should also
be able to resolve nameserver hosts on other registrars but I suppose we can
all dream can't we?

In your situation, you should be able to delete the nameserver host if it's not
being relied upon by other domain names. They don't remove it automatically
because they probably don't have any auditing tools coded to check on a regular
basis whether or not a nameserver host is needed. They've always sent through
the host records up to the root servers when you create them whether they are
in use by a domain or not. Perhaps they should give OpenXRS a try.

In short I don't think you'll ever get a straight answer from them however what
they told you "because it's www" is not correct. It happens for ALL nameserver
hosts unfortunately and is just something we have to deal with until they go
bankrupt (wishful thinking?)



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I just found out (with help from other list subscribers) and indeed the
netsol host record is not being fed to the root servers anymore (since no
domain they own relies on it anymore), and that the bad host record had been
automatically moved to opensrs along with the svcs domains I moved.
While I did delete the NS record from the two domains as soon
as they were moved, it was still left in opensrs's database as a host record
that I might want to use later.
William X. Walsh pointed me to the "If you want to create or modify a
nameserver which is based on click here" link at the bottom of the
manage name server page. Sure enough, the bad record was there, and I was
able to get rid of it with one mouseclick

Without William, I'd never have realized that the host record had been moved
to opensrs:
magic(@va):~/Mail$ whois "host" -h
magic(@va):~/Mail$ whois "host" -h
No match for HOST

I should have done this instead:
magic(@va):~/Mail$ whois -h
   Server Name: WWW.SVLUG.ORG
   IP Address:
   Registrar: TUCOWS.COM, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:

It's not very obvious, but oh well :slight_smile:
(Actually William just told me opensrs is in the process of fixing this)

Thanks to those who mailed me privately to offer several tips and help:
- Kevin Loch
- Scott Francis
- Troy Davis
- William X. Walsh
- Jeff

BTW, Troy Davis showed me that you can find out who's using your name
server, but apprently netsol folks don't seem to know about this :slight_smile:
magic(@va):~/Mail$ whois "server NS97718-HST" -h

The good news is that my problem is now fixed without depending on netsol at
all. Too bad I didn't know this before spending all the time on the phone
with them :slight_smile:

Thanks to all those who replied