RE: Net Neutrality Legislative Proposal

Behalf Of Florian Weimer
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 6:58 AM
To: Mark Newton
Cc: Seth Johnson;
Subject: Re: Net Neutrality Legislative Proposal

* Mark Newton:

> > * Mark Newton:
> > > > (I've wondered for quite some time if "net
neutrality" implies
> that > > > Ebay or Google must carry third party traffic on their
> corporate > > > networks, by the way.) > > eBay and
Google aren't
> selling transit.
> >
> > Neither is your local cable company. :sunglasses:
> Eh? Of course they are. They're selling transit to their
cable modem
> customers, surely?

Quote from a typical terms of service agreement:

> (b) Subscriber will not resell the Service, or any portion
thereof, or
> otherwise charge others to use the Service, or any portion thereof.
> The Service is for personal use only, and Subscriber agrees
not to use
> the Service for operation as an Internet Service Provider,
to host web
> sites for other parties or for any other business enterprise or to
> connect the Cable modem to any server or to any computer outside of
> the Subscriber's premises.
> (c) Without Time Warner Cable 's prior written approval, Subscriber
> shall not post or transmit through the Service any material that
> constitutes or contains advertising or any solicitation
with respect
> to products or services, nor shall Subscriber transmit bulk e-mail
> without prior written permission from Time Warner Cable.

IP transit has no such restrictions.

We currently buy ip transit service from Cox Cable. You can also get a
buisness cable modem service from them and resell transit on it. Tho
this might only apply to the Las Vegas market.