RE: Need Comcast IPv6 routing assistance please

Regarding the thread:


I looked around CA and it looks like some customers are provisioned with two delegated IPv6 prefixes. We had an issue a week or so back that we believe was corrected. If you wish contact me off list.

Before we look to see if there are larger routing issue we should make sure you have one and only one active delegated IPv6 prefix. From my end it looks like you may have two.



Hi John,

I have been working with Courtney Smith and a fix has been implemented.
Apparently a bunch of new Level(3) peering circuits were turned up on 5/15
and that's when the chronic packet loss problem started for our users.

I have not been informed of the details as to what was causing such packet
loss (but I would love to know), but for now the problem is resolved.

FWIW, this problem doesn't appear limited to the Northern CA region, as we
have users in Seattle, WA (who VPN down to Northern CA), and their packet
loss issues have also been resolved.

I don't see two delegated prefixes and besides wouldn't that particular
issue need to be present on all our users' Comcast connections in order for
them *all* to have experienced the same packet loss? I think perhaps that's
a red-herring.